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Your birth chart is a cosmic map of the planets’ positions at the exact moment of your birth. That celestial array —which is unique to you and you alone — symbolizes the gifts and talents you were born to develop.

No one else was born in the same place, at the exact same moment, as you. No one else was blessed with the same opportunities, and no one else faces the same obstacles. When you understand your birth chart, you’ll have a heavenly host of tools to make the most of your life on earth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order, include your birth date, place, and time, which is often listed on your birth certificate. If you can’t find your birth time, we’ll calculate a chart for sunrise, to symbolize all the potential of your birth date.

Our birth chart reports are 30- to 40-page PDFs, delivered by email. They offer a detailed explanation of the planets’ position in your chart, by sign and by house. Don’t worry: you won’t be overwhelmed. Every report is clear, concise, and written in plain English. They’re also remarkably optimistic. Read through your report, and you’ll get new insight into your gifts and talents, as well as some of the struggles you might have faced. You’ll see how certain themes have played themselves out in your family life, your career, and your relationships. More importantly, you’ll also learn that you are ultimately in control of your own destiny.

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The planets, signs, and houses all come together in a horoscope chart — a visual snapshot of the sky at a given point in time. Like a map of the cosmos, it’s a convenient way to plot the positions of the planets in the signs, and the houses are a convenient way to divide the chart into manageable sections.

The word horoscope actually comes from the Greek word hora, or hour, plus skopos, watching. An astronomer could read a horoscope chart like an atlas of the solar system. Astrologers and tarot readers, however, can read a horoscope chart like a treasure map, filled with symbols that describe your journey through life.

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